#7. How Gases and Bacteria Can Unlock Extraordinary Abilities

Discover how gases and bacteria can unlock extraordinary abilities.


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Show notes:

0:15 Intro

1:00 Microbiota, gases & brain function

1:53 Electricity & gases

3:25 Life origin & gases

6:26 Folklore & gases

9:25 Gasotransmitters

10:44 Asthma & gasotransmitters

11:25 Chronic pain & gasotransmitters

12:52 Gasotransmitters’ regulatory effects

13:06 Obesity & gasotransmitters

13:36 Meditation, Wim Hoffman & gasotransmitters

14:15 Ways to regulate gasotransmitters

14:34 Chronic diseases & gasotransmitters

15:09 Longevity & hydrogen sulfide

16:00 Gases & future medicine

16:40 Chinese medicine, acupoints & Qi

18:00 Qi & gases

18:84 Herbs & gasotransmitters

20.02 Acupuncture & gasotransmitters

20:45 Qigong & gasotransmitters

21:10 Athletics & gasotransmitters

22:10 Brain & gasotransmitters

22:45 Vision of future medicine

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    Gregorio Villacorta March 22, 2017

    Dear Dr. I have bougth your book about Food as medicine, I would like to get your advice about some book in spanish language similar to your book.

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