Latest Episodes:

#35. What Your Pain Is Trying To Tell You

Discover what different types of aches and pains are trying to tell you. In this 8 part series pain specialist Tom Whalen MD joins Andrew Miles DOM to take an integrated perspective on fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression.

#34. An Aztec herb for Defeating Diabetes and Obesity

Explore the Aztec folktale and modern pharmacology of a staple vegetable. It has the power to help with some of the biggest challenges we face today. Discover how nopales help prevent cancer, regulate blood sugar, and clear away extra fat.

#33. Tibetan Footsoak Therapy Pharmacology and Use

Discover a botanical therapy we use clinically to help eliminate both physical and emotional pain.


#32. Bai Shao – Hua Tuo’s Peony Root

Hua Tuo was the most famous doctors in Chinese history. In today’s story the spirit of a peony tries to send him a message in the night and he manages to screw up divine providence. Discover how the simple herb has profound applications depending on its context. Get the skinny on bai shao and how it can help with menstruation, the immune system, and nerve function.


#31. Lan’s Tibetan Herbal Expedition: Departure

We have some exciting projects underway. Find out about the research team, and the incredible serendipity surrounding this project. Discover how by sharing this podcast you have been part of the herb-to-clinic revolution and how you have helped support a Tibetan orphanage.

#30. Dang Gui: The Queen Herb For Women’s Health

This fun episode takes you through the folktale of dang gui, as well as revealing the cutting edge pharmacology of herbal formulas that are miraculous for women’s health.


Older Episodes:

#27-29. Dr Whalen Trilogy


#26. Fecal Transplants: An Unusual, But Highly Effective Solution for Restoring Harmony in the Gut.


#25. Animal Ailments


#24. Email Answers 2

#23. Bones of Steel


#22. Timing


#21. Discover How a Former Pro Skater Used Natural Medicine to Restore His Knees


#20. Tragically Paralyzed Woman Walks Again After Using This Botanical Formula


#19. Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri)


#18. Botanical Skin Care


#17. Botanical Solutions For Chronic Infectious Diseases


#16. Post-Antibiotic Solution – Jin Yin Hua


#15. Biohacking Bladder Control


#14. Email Answers 1


#13. Integrative Eye Specialist – Dr. Andy Rosenfarb


#12. Scientifically Supported Teas For Fat Loss


#11. Ten Ways To Spot Pseudoscience In Natural Medicine


#10. When Ginseng Can Kill You And Seven Other Times Not To Use It


#9. Biohacking Opioid Dependence-Guests: Dr. Thomas Whalen and Dr. Michael Prihdam


#8. How Breathing and Plant Flavors Influence Gasotransmitters


#7. How Gases and Bacteria Can Unlock Extraordinary Abilities


#6. Mastering Your Fear and Boosting Your Focus: In crazy times, mastering your adrenal response is everything


#5. Super foods of the gods: Discover the folktales and pharmacology of super foods


#4. Visual Acuity: Discover a simple botanical combination that can brighten your eyes, repair the optic nerve, and strengthen the visual cortex in your brain


#3. Neurohacking Memory: Superpower your memory and increase cognitive function using time tested, evidence supported botanicals


#2. Biohacking Athletics: Discover the secrets of warlords, kung fu masters and Olympians


#1. Herbal Foot Soaks: Explore the history, research and easy application of herbal foot soaks


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