#3. Neurohacking Memory

Superpower your memory and increase cognitive function using time tested, evidence supported botanicals.


Show notes:

3:16 Yi Zhi Ren

4:05 Gut flora

4:30 Lymphatic drainage

5:10 Inflammatory cytokines in learning and memory

5:30 Glymphatic system

6:00 Amyloid Plaques

6:30 Liu wei di huang wan(get it here)

8:43 Bu yang huan wu (neurogen) (get pills here or teabags here)

9:40 Ginko Biloba

10:40 Gotu Kola

11:09 Culinary herbs for memory

11:20 When not to use memory boosting botanicals

12:10 Gasotransmitters and memory

12:50 Comprehensive strategy

12:56 Botanical strategies

13:20 Quality criteria

14:20 Heavy metal toxicity and Memory

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