Animal Ailments

Does dog diarrhea ever destroy your day? Feel sad seeing your pets limp around with arthritis? Do you hate it when your warhorses are suffering from parasites while defending the Chinese border from blood thirsty Jurchen hordes? Whether you want to enjoy a happier time with your pets, reduce your vet bills, or simply win a war with medicine, this is the podcast episode you will want to download and share with your friends.



Show notes:

:05 Intro

1:30 Story of war horses and herbs

6:14 Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang-an arthritis herbal formula for pets and people: pharmacology and usage

9:35 Dog Molly and moxibustion: Book: Moxibustion: The Power of Mugwort Fire by Lorraine Wilcox

10:35 Digestion of dogs: herbal formula Shen Ling Bai Zhu San

13:20 Pharmacology of Shen Ling bai Zhu San