#14. Email Answers 1

Thanks for reaching out with your great questions! Here are our answers. We cover sugar cravings, airborne allergies, and tea quality. We also announce our monthly winner for March, 2017. Please keep the great questions coming.

Show Notes:

:56 Question #1 from Christy of Eugene Oregon: Craving for sweet

(*Correction: the brain consumes 1/3 of the energy not sugar)

6:47 Stomach massage (Englithenweight book)

7:20 Herbal formula: Gui Pi Wan

8:30 Question #2 from Janet of California: Airborne allergies

12:24 Question #3 from Anna of California: Quality teas

18:58 Question #4 from Todd: Herbs for Candida

20:22 Drawing the winner for March, 2017 who won the ginseng and goji berry powder.


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