All of our oral products are preservative free. Teas containing nuts such as Tao Ren and Xing Ren have high contents of fatty acids, which may easily cause rancidification without any preservatives. Low temperature and less contact with air are key to avoid it. We vacuum pack all of our teas to minimize the air contact and ship teas containing nuts only from September to June to minimize the temperature influences. 

High quality herbs like this are new for the profession. We are used to letting herbs sit on the shelves for years. This is because of the preservatives and binders that even so called "high quality" herbs in the west have had.

Think of Twinkies compared to organic nuts.

Organic nuts have a shelf life of 4-9 months whereas twinkles will be around long after the nuclear apocalypse.

If you went through your stock quickly, then great. If it's been hanging out for longer than 6 months you probably want to check with this quality of herbs to make sure there is no spoilage or water damage.

To get around this challenge and extend the shelf life we vacuum seal all of teas and avoid shipping in the hottest months of the year.

We want your patients to have really high quality, and we want to be sure they are getting herbs at their peak freshness so are going to replace your last order with the upgraded vacuum sealed formula.

Thanks for growing with us.