Microgard vs Microgard Plus 

What are both formulas good for:

Clearing dampness, phlegm and food stagnation
Reversing the effects of the American diet and repairing damage done to the gut
Harmonizing the digestive system

How should your patients use them both:

Take it when you eat something you shouldn't have. Take it if in the past you ate a lot of something you shouldn't have. Take it with every meal to reverse the effects of the American diet. 
Hangover prevention.
"It absolves you of your dietary sins."

When to use one vs the other:


For skinny people, more acute, yang body types, skinny vegan types
It's more neutral, not as warming.

Microgard Plus:

For more overweight or obese people, cold yin body types, puffy face.
It's warmer and has more herbs to decrease body fat.
How about a large, overweight and very yang male? This body type would probably be better with Microgard original and/or Er Miao San (Aquada), to remove heat and dampness.

Otherwise, these two formulas are very similar and can, in a lot of cases, be used interchangeably. Here's some other conditions practitioners have reported success with:

- Skin conditions
- Allergies, sinus issues, asthma
- Mold exposure issues
- Food intolerances including gluten sensitivity (not recommended for Celiac)