#18. Botanical Skin Care

Discover how a skin balm shifted the tides of war over 2000 years ago and what it can teach us about skin repair and rejuvenation.

Show notes:

:27 Story of silk washers

5:51 Moral of the story

6:35 History of research on Huang Qi (Astragalus) skin care

7:20 Pharmacology of Huang Qi (Astragalus)

11:44 Quality of botanical skincare

13:15 How to make Huang Qi (Astragalus) facial cream

14:29 When to use Huang Qi (Astragalus) cream


Here’s what to do: Just write a review for Botanical Biohacking on iTunes or Stitcher, take a screenshot of your review, and email it to BotanicalBiohacking@gmail.com. We’ll email you the recipe and you can DIY at home! What’s more, you’ll be entered to win a monthly gift – an herbal product we personally like (a bag of foot soak herbs for April 2017, a jar of Huang Qi Astragalus Cream for May 2017 and a bag of Enlighten Tea for June 2017). We’ll also pick one of the listeners to come with us to visit Sichuan, China later this year (2017) !


  1. Reply
    Adrian Castro April 26, 2017

    Great information! Thanks.

  2. Reply
    Hannah Fries May 12, 2017

    Hi! I’m an L.Ac. in practice in Los Angeles, and I’m a huge fan of Astragalus 🙂 I am SO excited to make this oil at home, but was hoping to get a more detailed/step-by-step recipe for it to ensure the best outcome. I’ve got all the ingredients ready to go (procured my Astragalus from Mountain Rose Herbs – can you attest to whether their source meets the standards you mapped out?), but there are a few details that weren’t clear. For instance – what are the measurements, and at what point are you removing the larger pieces from the liquid – before or after the alcohol is added? Would you be so kind as to write it out for me? I would be eternally grateful! Thank you!!

  3. Reply
    Gloria Else June 3, 2017

    I would love to try and make this cream for my son’s acne. Would you mind sharing the detailed recipe with me too please? 😉

  4. Reply
    Elke Langman June 3, 2017

    Hi I’m a registered acupuncturist in Australia and I make my own face creams for my patients. I would love to make this astragalus cream if you wouldn’t mind emailing me the recipe too. Thanks so much. Cheers Elke Langman. email: elke@elkelangman.com.au
    Website: http://www.elkelangman.com.au (I am putting it here because your site wouldn’t recognise my address)

  5. Reply
    Lindsay Williamson June 11, 2017

    Hello- I’m a big fan of the podcast! Thank you for the information. I am a student of acupuncture and herbal medicine in San Diego and would also love the more detailed recipe to try and decoct at home. Thank you!

  6. Reply
    Beth Anne Kucheran June 14, 2017

    Hi I love your poscasts! I’m a registered acupuncturist in northern Canada. I would love to this cream if you could please send me the recipe as well. Thank you kindly.

  7. Reply
    Diana June 20, 2017

    Hi! Can you send me the detailed recipe? Thanks!

  8. Reply
    Nozhat July 16, 2017

    Would you please send me the recipe? Thank you!

  9. Reply
    Mark July 18, 2017

    Hi I made the cream and mixed the syrup in with shea butter; but unfortunately it had gone mouldy within a week or so, did you use something as a preservative? Thanks.

    • Reply
      botanicalbiohacking@gmail.com July 18, 2017

      hi mark, citric acid is quite often used as the preservative.

  10. Reply
    RJ Singer July 26, 2017

    I think you both are raising the standard of Herbal Medicine in our profession. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I would also love to get the recipe for the Huang Qi cream, so I can make it for myself and my patients.

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