Latest Episodes:

#22. Timing

Timing is the heart and soul of botanical medicine. It rules our lives and the lives of medicinal plants. Discover how to maximize nature’s rhythms to power up, heal from old injuries, and enjoy the blessings in every season of life.

#21. Discover How a Former Pro Skater Used Natural Medicine to Restore His Knees

Simon Locket and Marc Mastrandrea let you in on the secret to long-term joint care. From diet and lifestyle to the 18 method exercises (shi ba fa) that allowed them to go from living with knee pain to having healthy, flexible joints again. I’ve followed their advice and I can personally attest to its effect. If you find joint pain hindering your athletic progress, then this is an essential (and fun) episode.

#20. Tragically Paralyzed Woman Walks Again After Using This Botanical Formula

Join Dr. Daniel Finley and discover botanical medicines for healing severe spinal cord injuries. Discover the interesting folktale and pharmacology of herbal formulas for neuroregeneration.

#19. Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri)

Discover how two young friends became wealthy using a botanical medicine to cure infectious diseases and depression- the stories and pharmacology of Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri). We also announce our monthly winner for April, 2017.


#18. Botanical Skin Care

Discover how a skin balm shifted the tides of war over 2000 years ago and what it can teach us about skin repair and rejuvenation.


#17. Botanical Solutions For Chronic Infectious Diseases

Marc Mastrandrea joins us from Beijing to discuss how he kills bacteria, and stops viruses in their tracks using botanical medicine. Discover how to super charge your neti pot, and what martial arts can teach us about medicine.


#16. Post-Antibiotic Solution – Jin Yin Hua

Discover an herbal antibiotic powerhouse that you can grow in your garden.



Older Episodes:

#15. Biohacking Bladder Control


#14. Email Answers 1


#13. Integrative Eye Specialist – Dr. Andy Rosenfarb


#12. Scientifically Supported Teas For Fat Loss


#11. Ten Ways To Spot Pseudoscience In Natural Medicine


#10. When Ginseng Can Kill You And Seven Other Times Not To Use It


#9. Biohacking Opioid Dependence-Guests: Dr. Thomas Whalen and Dr. Michael Prihdam


#8. How Breathing and Plant Flavors Influence Gasotransmitters


#7. How Gases and Bacteria Can Unlock Extraordinary Abilities


#6. Mastering Your Fear and Boosting Your Focus: In crazy times, mastering your adrenal response is everything


#5. Super foods of the gods: Discover the folktales and pharmacology of super foods


#4. Visual Acuity: Discover a simple botanical combination that can brighten your eyes, repair the optic nerve, and strengthen the visual cortex in your brain


#3. Neurohacking Memory: Superpower your memory and increase cognitive function using time tested, evidence supported botanicals


#2. Biohacking Athletics: Discover the secrets of warlords, kung fu masters and Olympians


#1. Herbal Foot Soaks: Explore the history, research and easy application of herbal foot soaks


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