Respiratory Microbiome Emotions:

People with obstruction in the lungs frequently feel anxiety and sadness. They will dream of fighting if the condition is full. This is when wind tea and peak tea really shine. When the condition requires more nourishing they tend to dream of running from monsters of zombies. Don’t take the dream interpretation too literally, but sometimes it can be a way that their body is trying to tell them what is going wrong.

I had a patient with edema and anemia who dreamt that her daughter was in a glass box. She could see the box filling with water. She had edema and couldn’t sweat. The water retention was obstructing her blood production. She was dreaming that her daughter her, “Flesh and blood” was drowning inside a glass box. She was very emotional about the dream because she coudln’t free her daughter who was dying. She tried to break the glass aquarium to free her, but all of her tools broke. She wept as she told me and I told her that the dream may be about her cells. Her literal flesh and blood were drowning and her body was telling her.

After this she calmed down and doubled her efforts to take her wind tea, her Warm hearth tea, and microgard plus. She also did breathing exercises designed to aid the lung in dispersing water and lymph.

In two weeks her water retention was down and she started to dream of monsters attacking her and she was running. This let me know that it was time to gradually transition to nourishing formulas such as “Sol” (Ling gui zhu gan) and lift (bu zhong yi qi wan)

If people dream of being chased then they require nourishing the wei qi or protective gas which correlates with macrophagic nitric oxide. This occurs at the level of the emotions and at the level of the cells.

Discover how white blood cells release their own nitric oxide to help defend your body.

Emotional Aspects of Dampness

The three microbiomes of the body contain bacteria and fungi. Some of these creatures can cause us to hallucinate. Microbiota also influence our emotions directly via our neuroendocrine system and indirectly by way of gasotransmitter production and consumption.

Traditionally there are said to be three burners relating to the three main energy centers of the urogenital, gastric, and respiratory microbiomes. This is called the san jiao or tripple burner.

These three overlapping yet distinct microclimates are said to be the pathway of the original spirit. These endothelial rich linings are also home to gasotransmitter synthesis which serve as gaseous neurotransmitters. These are said to be balanced by the 7 Earthly spirits or “Po". The anus is called the gate of the Po. These Earth Spirits are essentially emotional states which are influenced by microorganisms engaging in molecular mimicry and signaling opiate receptor sites to make you feel terrible and do weird things. This is something of your internal Heaven and Earth. The electrical activity and the gases nerves produce are akin to your internal heaven. The microbiota are like your internal Earth. You may understand it as spiritually as you as a Daoist priest or via the lens of science. You can also choose to ignore both aspects and simply run the protocol and the effects on the patients will be no less profound. It really depends on the person in front of you and what they will resonate with.

The immune system and breathing have a lot to do with boundaries and self worth. Poor self worth and adverse childhood experiences are linked with poor hygiene and self care.

Traditionally it is said that the lungs control the waterways and the heart controls the pores. Sweating is an important aspect of fluid physiology and when there is stinky sweating or it’s difficult to sweat then the problem lies in the distribution of nitric oxide and we will primarily treat the respiratory microbiome.

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