Four Movements of Qi

Gases and fluid move in four directions. They enter, exit, rise, and sink.

If gas moves out faster than fluid then fluid accumulates.

As the body feels weak gas exits and metabolism drops and it sinks. When this is at the beginning stages we can help it with Botanical Biohacking’s Lift pills (Traditionally called Bu Zhong Yi Qi")

However after a few days water will accumulate and pathogens will enter and sink into that water which is retained in the extracellular fluid and in the three main microbiomes.

The strategy must be to get that water to rise and exit and sink and exit first.

Only then can we use nourishing botanicals which cause gas to enter and rise and enter and sink.

The bulk to what we are doing is identifying where fluid physiology has broken down and then clearing away the liquid and pathogenic organisms which are contributing to chronic illness and molecular mimicry. After this is cleared then the body will most likely auto nourish and if not it’s fairly simple to nourish with herbs and vitamins.

Most cases Jin Zhao sees go a few weeks to a few months and after this the patient is good to go.

Because his results are predictable he gets really good at giving patients a prognosis of what to expect and when. This is a huge part of his patients experience and why his reputation grew so quickly.

The methodology is really elegant and the cutting edge science keeps it interesting by placing you at the helm of medicine.

Sound fun? Great lets keep going. Your first step will be to remember that the questions that you are free to ask in China don’t always work in other places.

Excess and Def

When someone has damp, adding more “Qi” via qi tonics or acupuncture points may increase nitric oxide, damaging sodium potassium pumps and making water retention worse.

Don’t tonify excess. Don’t reduce deficiency

4 Movements of Gas

4 Movements and 8 Strategies


Fire and water= steam/qi (Y Axis)

Wood and metal= substance/blood (X axis)