Herbal Products

We begin with the most frequently purchased product types in East Asian markets, go higher quality, and then test these products on hundreds of clinics in foreign markets to adjust and fine tune them based on customer feedback. Our products currently serve over 500 clinics across 15 countries.


Tibetan Foot Soaks


A great combination of Tibetan herbs stimulate deep regenerative processes critical for the brain and body. Literally the best quality on Earth. Direct sourcing, wildcrafted, and tingly. Enriched with tibetan salts to provide not only the volatile oils, but the mineral effects of a high mountain hot spring.

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Microgard & Microgard Plus


When you eat something you shouldn't have, anxiety, fat loss, brain fog. Not necessary for those who intermittently fast or are on a ketogenic diet. For everyone else...its a good idea to keep on hand. Honestly two weeks on this is about what it takes to get most American guts working on par with rural Chinese who are on a more plant based diet.

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Xiao Yao San Tea


Got patients with liver qi stagnation? Get them some Xiao Yao San pills or tea. We don't carry the pills because most patents are similar, but they do lose volatile oils. Thankfully we preserve them with this tea.


Er Miao Wan (Aquada)

The double awesome pills

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Huang Qi Cream


Every patient should leave your clinic with something to Eat, Drink, and Wear. This is a great addition for skin restoration. Actual skin restoration. Its been studied and kicks up lots of local super oxide disputes and has demonstrated reparative effects on the skin. People love it as a night cream.

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Wind Herbal Tea (Xiao Chai Hu+San Ren Tang)

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Neurogene Herbal Tea (Modified Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang Tea)

Coming soon……..