Foot Soak Discovery Module

How to develop a smooth, effective, and profitable footsoak program

 Foot soak discovery module includes:

  • Foot Soaks – Clinical Process.
  • Foot Soaks – Traditional Perspective.
  • Foot Soaks – Advanced Practice With Qi Gong.
  • Foot Soaks – As A Diagnostic Tool.
  • Foot Soaks – Red Flags & Referrals. When should you be really care and when to refer?
  • Foot Soaks – Research. Find out what ingredients in the herbs that contribute to the potency and the general protocols for most common health conditions.
  • Herb Quality Identification: Discover how to identify top quality herbs in your foot soaks with Prof. Zhong, the Chinese medicine quality control expert.
    • Qiang Huo Quality
    • Hong Jing Tian Quality
    • Ka Ru Cha Quality
    • Ku Shen Quality
    • Du Yi Wei Quality
    • Ai Ye Quality