Clinical Programs

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Microbiome Mastery

Jin Zhao DTCM Ph.D. is among the most sought after doctors in a city of 16 million people. He is a 5th generation doctor with his Ph.D in the History and Methods of Chinese medicine. Besides being a lineage doctor and a professor, he gets flown on private jets to treat some of the most influential people in China. Most days he is surrounded by his disciples successfully treating up to 200 people a day at the more expensive clinics in Chengdu. His students have also become successful and now students of his students are overcoming seemingly impossible cases such as paralysis and mental illnesses simply by cultivating the microbiomes rather than fighting disease.



Foot Soak Discovery Module

How to develop a smooth, effective, and profitable foot soak program

Getting incredible clinical results, saving time, and making sure that your patients aren't wasting time while waiting for you. Start the flow right in the waiting room as they drink an herbal tea and start their foot soak. This allows you to see many patients, have them well cared for, and creates a healing community where patients can socialize with each other. New patients will hear your existing patients speak glowingly about you.