Simplicity + Quality = Predictable Miracles


Simple solutions for complex problems:

Formulas are engineered to effectively serve patient needs even when used imperfectly. Our strategic formula line lets you effectively serve a diverse range of conditions based on modern demographic challenges

Reducing variables:

We reduce variables by assuming constant human error from both clinicians and patients. We achieve this combination of power and safety through the use of premium quality herbs delicately balanced from both traditional and pharmacological vantage points.

Proven success:

We exclusively serve products which have proven themselves historically, scientifically, and in modern international markets. We currently serve over 500 clinics in 15 countries.



Respecting Heaven:Timing

The herbs are sustainably harvested at specific times of the year. This lets us get the best quality based on seasonal variations in phytochemical constituents.

Respecting Earth: Purity

Growing conditions must meet strict criteria. Sustainably wildcrafting and using pesticide free herb cultivation helps protect our ecosystem.

Respecting people: Freedom

Our team of professors, researchers, and manufacturing experts are already among the most qualified in the herbal pharmaceutical industry. Now our expert panel has the freedom to nerd out, obsess over minutia, and make the ten thousand micro improvements that make botanical biohacking products so outstanding.

All of us are part of a beautiful bridge dedicated to bringing high quality medicine to our friends who need it.


Predictable Miracles