#11. Ten Ways To Spot Pseudoscience In Natural Medicine

Botanical medicines can be beneficial when used appropriately. When used in an integrated setting, it’s associated with higher levels of longevity. Still, much of the information about alternative medicine on social media is misleading. Here are ten ways to tell the difference between legitimate natural medicine and snake oil salesmen.


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Show Notes

:04 Intro

1:10 Nature fallacy

3:06 Appeal to tradition

4:00 Ignoring tradition altogether

7:05 Ignoring dosage

9:23 Appeal to authority

10:53 It’s good for everyone

11:33 Pure & organic as quality criteria

13:00 Ethnocentrism vs. science

13:49 Boosting energy

15:37 Credible sources: google scholar, pubmed, CNKI (Chinese), Wanfang (Chinese)

16:21 Questionable Education


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    Terri Tucker April 6, 2017

    Great practical information! It’s good to know how to evaluate any product using realistic, sound practices. We have gotten away for practicality and have been swayed by media.

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