#5. Super foods of the gods

Discover the folk tales and pharmacology of super foods: Hua Jiao (Sichuan peppercorn, artichoke and chocolate).


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Show notes:

:15 Story of Hua Jiao (Sichuan peppercorn)

3:31 Pharmacology of Hua Jiao

6:34 Hua Jiao banned in the US until 2005

7:10 Caution of using Hua Jiao at a big dose

8:11 How to use Hua Jiao ( Recipe 1: Dry-fried green beans ; Recipe 2: Dan Dan Noodle)

8:57 Quality criteria of Hua Jiao

9:34 Where you can find Hua Jiao (get it here)

10:09 Story of artichokes

12:01 History of using artichokes

13:03 Medicinal effects of artichokes

14:29 Quality criteria of artichokes

15:05 Story of chocolate

19:06 Moral of the the story

19:34 Medicinal effects of chocolate/cacao beans

23:14 How you can get quality chocolate

23:40 One recipe of the cacao beans


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