#32. Bai Shao- Hua Tuo’s Peony Root

Hua Tuo was the most famous doctors in Chinese history. In today’s story the spirit of a peony tries to send him a message in the night and he manages to screw up divine providence. Discover how the simple herb has profound applications depending on its context. Get the skinny on bai shao and how it can help with menstruation, the immune system, and nerve function.

#31. Lan’s Tibetan Herbal Expedition: Departure

A Ba, Tibetan region where our foot soak herbs grow.

We have some exciting projects underway. Find out about the research team, and the incredible serendipity surrounding this project. Discover how by sharing this podcast you have been part of the herb-to-clinic revolution and how you have helped support a Tibetan orphanage.

#30. Dang Gui: The Queen Herb For Women’s Health

This fun episode takes you through the folktale of dang gui, as well as revealing the cutting edge pharmacology of herbal formulas that are miraculous for women’s health.

Show Notes:

-Folktale of Dang Gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis)

-Traditional use of Dang Gui

-Pharmacology of Si Wu Tang

-Pharmacology of Tao Hong Si Wu Tang

-Winner of June, 2017

#27-#29. Dr Whalen Trilogy

Join Zen Master and Anesthesiologist Tom Whalen MD on a three-part journey from overwork and burnout to thriving in chaos and recharging on the go.

Episode I of Dr Whalen Trilogy. Burnout: From External Brilliance to Neural Decay

Episode II of Dr Whalen Trilogy. Energy: How to Maximize Energy and Prevent Burnout

Episode III of Dr Whalen Trilogy. Integrated Solutions for Depression, Poor Sleep and Burnout


#26. Fecal Transplants: An Unusual, But Highly Effective Solution for Restoring Harmony in the Gut

What if there was an easy way to treat colitis using microscopic flora found living within us? Today we are joined by microbiologist Amy (Bunny) Christie to talk about fecal transplants and their applications.